American checkers (English draughts) is a board sport for 2 gamers. Every gamers begins with 12 items of 1 shade – white or black. The sport is began by the participant with black items after which gamers alternate turns. It’s performed on an 8 by 8 board. The sport is performed on a board with dimensions of 8 by 8. The essential setup of the items is outlined as follows:

Similar to the items, the chessboard squares are white and black. Nonetheless, solely black squares are utilized by each gamers all through the sport. The sq. within the decrease left nook is black, colours of different squares alternate usually in vertical in addition to in horizontal path.

Curiously, there may be a pc program – Chinook – that’s thought-about unbeatable. Within the American Checkers variety of items, preliminary setting and the board are the identical as within the Brazillian, Russian and pool checkers. The variations are as follows.

  • The participant who performs darkish items strikes first.
  • Males transfer solely forwards and seize solely forwards.
  • There’s no flying King. Topped piece can transfer one sq. forwards or backwards and might seize forwards and backwards
  • Participant can select any capturing sequence. There is no such thing as a must seize most quantity of opponents’ items.

As you’ll be able to see, King in checkers just isn’t as sturdy as King in Brazilian or Russian draughts. Males seize in just one path (forwards) and this limits gamers potentialities.

Piece Motion

Every transfer means transferring an personal piece diagonally: Both a shift to a vacant adjoining sq., or a leap over an adjoining piece of the opponent to a vacant sq. behind it. Within the latter case, the opponent’s piece is faraway from the sport. If a participant has an choice to make a leap, he should take it. If the identical piece can do one other leap, it should proceed within the transfer and leap one other piece. Subsequently it’s doable to seize a number of items in a single transfer. The participant just isn’t obliged to decide on the longest sequence. Nonetheless, the sequence must be full, i.e., there have to be no extra leap choices for the enjoying piece on the finish of the transfer.

Common Piece

Common items advance and leap solely ahead towards the opposite finish of the board. As quickly a bit reaches the tip of the board, it’s promoted to a king.


A king strikes the identical method as an everyday piece and it may also transfer and leap backwards.

Finish of the Recreation


A victory is achieved by blocking the opposite participant. This may be finished by capturing all items or by blocking their motion.


The sport is drawn if both participant is unable to win. Significantly in these conditions:

  • The identical place repeats thrice.
  • Neither an advance of an everyday piece nor a seize happens throughout the final 40 strikes.

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