You have performed the basic model now it is time to play the drunken one. Beer checkers is a by-product of the usual sport of checkers. It is usually a two-player sport performed on a daily checkboard. As a substitute of checker items, you utilize cups or shot glasses of beer or the alcohol of your chosen. Additionally known as shot glass checkers, beer checkers is a well-liked sport usually performed amongst college students in universities throughout the U.S.

What You Want

  • Checkboard (common dimension for shot glasses or customized dimension for bigger cups)
  • 24 shot glasses or cups
  • Beer or any sort of alcohol you want


Sit reverse your opponent with a sturdy desk between you wherein you’ll assemble the board. Arrange an ordinary checkboard such as you would for a standard sport of checkers. Change the checker items with shot glasses or small cups.

Every opponent ought to have 12 shot glasses or cups on their aspect for a complete of 24 glasses/cups. To differentiate either side, use completely different coloured glasses/cups or use completely different coloured liquids e.g. darkish beer and lightweight beer.

Place the shot glasses or cups within the applicable squares identical to you’d for a standard sport of checkers. Fill every of the shot glasses or cups about half-full of beer or the alcohol of your selection.


The foundations of the sport are much like that of standard checkers. When a chunk reaches the kings row, fill the shot glass or cup full. If a chunk is jumped by your opponent, it’s essential to drink the alcohol from the jumped piece.

The winner of the sport is the participant who has an opponent that can’t transfer their piece. This normally occurs when all the remaining items are blocked or when the participant has no remaining items. The loser should end the remaining shot glasses or cups from the winner.

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