Opposing gamers sit at reverse ends of the desk and every has both darkish items or gentle items. The usual board is a 10×10 grid of squares of alternating colors of darkish and lightweight, however the items solely occupy the darkish squares. Extra board sizes can be found in several variations of the sport, however the 10×10 is the commonest. Every participant has 20 sport items which might be sometimes a round disk.


Checkers’ guidelines are fairly easy, however what are the principles of checkers? Right here’s an inventory.

  • The 2 gamers alternate turns and may solely transfer their very own items.
  • The darkish squares are the one ones that could be occupied on the board. The sunshine squares should stay empty.
  • Every flip entails the transferring of 1 piece, which might encompass a chunk transferring ahead to a diagonally adjoining sq. that’s unoccupied, or leaping ahead over an occupied diagonally adjoining sq., offered that the sq. past can be empty.
  • If a participant jumps over their opponent’s piece, they’ve efficiently captured that piece and it’s faraway from the sport.
  • Each bit is initially known as a person, but when it reaches the furthest facet of the board it turns into a king. When this occurs, the participant stacks an extra piece on high of the unique to indicate the change.
  • Males might solely transfer ahead, however kings can transfer diagonally forwards in addition to backwards.
  • A number of items possibly jumped by each males and kings offered that there are successive unoccupied squares past each bit that’s jumped.


Now that you already know the setup and the principles, listed below are some basic methods on learn how to win checkers. These methods received’t let you know learn how to all the time win at checkers, however they are going to usually occasions work.

The sport is received by both capturing all of your opponent’s items, or trapping their items disallowing them to make any extra strikes. Nearly all of methods contain the primary objective, however the latter is typically achieved.

  • Don’t be afraid to sacrifice items if doing so provides you a bonus.
  • Controlling the centre of the board is advantageous.
  • Sustaining your items on the again row of your sport board will stop your opponent from gaining any king items.
  • Transferring your items ahead in teams strengthens them.
  • Whenever you’re within the lead throughout a sport, sacrificing one in all your personal items for your opponents is useful for you.
  • Give attention to gaining as many king items as attainable.

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